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Mazda entered a process of global change. The objective: to transform the brand in such a way that it could be located in the premium segment. For this they made adjustments in three axes: promise, message and product.


Historically, the brand had been placed on the horizon of cars that privileged speed per se (as do other brands, even today) (Asian and American).

Change or die

However, they made a correct reading of the global situation within a) of the market and b) the industry:


a) people prefer less and less a product over experience or ideas linked to emotion; consumption habits changed, period; 


b) the industry therefore faces changes that few in the industry have been able to face: increase in raw materials, demography, environmental impact, technological innovation, new transport alternatives, etc.


Brand Strategy

Derived from this context, Mazda executed a comprehensive strategy that just covered the three axes mentioned above.


Rethinked the promise (leaving aside merely functional benefits), adjusted the messages to that new promise but also redesigned the product. The above, as I mentioned were global efforts and executed successfully but there was not necessarily the certainty that they landed locally; specifically in the network of distributors. We begin to work under those guidelines that we use as a compass, lighthouse and map; thereby achieving better content for social channels that would increase the knowledge of the new strategy, encourage conversion and eventually improve commercial performance. These are some of the cases we design for the brand.


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