Only good vibes

This business sought to break some paradigms in the segment (manicure and pedicure); normally the offer of this type of companies always falls into the same error, not providing value to the public and therefore losing the ability to convey a unique and credible promise. It was thought of a branding strategy that allowed to connect the identity with the behavior and brand concept.

Celebration among friends

Kiki Nail Bar required aligning the value of this business model with a whole emotional promise within the segment (very competitive by the way).


The objective was to build a brand capable of promising something that was not necessarily the service itself, but an experience based on the celebration between friends.



For this we work on a conceptual proposal whose base was friendship and how it converges in one place; whether to talk and have fun; or celebrate something in particular.

We design an identity whose style will connect with the desired segment (women 25-35). We worked on the design of fluid, fun, colorful elements that would communicate fun and freshness but without resorting to children's elements. Derived from this, the brand's discourse was also designed.


While the competition talks about the service and how the nails are the result of a session; Kiki talks about the celebration among friends.


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