In 2008 it was announced that the current legislation that prohibited the cultivation of GM corn in Mexico would be changed. From 2009 its harvest and cultivation would be legal.


Therefore, Greenpeace requests the design of a campaign to help stop this initiative. It also required the tactical dissemination of information that sensitized Mexicans on the subject.


Greenpeace wrote the TRANSGENIC GUIDE AND RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION; same that would distribute for free in markets and supermarkets. It should be an easily accessible and read publication.

Comm Strategy

The time allocated for dissemination would be very short (the legislation would be changed in the closest session) therefore a hard, direct, transgressive line of communication was required; attached to the tone of the brand. We opted for something unadorned but highly effective.



From the beginning we knew that a very strong value among Mexicans is the quality / taste of the food. For Mexicans, eating means many things beyond their food function.

Food in Mexico transcends cultural barriers; It is part of his idiosyncrasy, of his identity. Therefore, to attempt against it is to attempt against his identity and that was precisely the creative line to explore.



The ideas focused on showing dishes whose main ingredient was corn but that by adding the transgenic factor to understand the negative impact.

The entire identity of the Guide was designed as well as the entire publication.

As part of the campaign there was a video that paid for the broadcast. The speech was given by Gabriela de la Garza, Mexican actress and activist.

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