Taqueros Shaker

The 12-ounce presentation of Boing (glass bottle) represents 75% of the bottler's revenue. Control food markets, street restaurants and some snack shops.
In 2007 Coca-Cola (FEMSA) acquires Jugos Del Valle (a direct competitor of Boing) which constitutes a risk for the historic Easter Cooperative: it must face an aggressive competitor whose business practices are equally aggressive.

The goal

 The objective was to ensure that Valle Frut (name of the product of the competition) did not advance in the areas where Boing historically dominated.

For this, a very timely communication strategy was proposed: we would speak to the taquero (who is the decision maker in the purchase of the drinks that accompany their food); This sought to establish a close relationship with the consumer and the product. The idea was to show the most valuable benefit and difference that Boing has compared to its competitors; We discovered that it is the only drink that should be stirred before drinking; thus guaranteeing the integration between juice and fruit. 


Uniqueness Concept

We decided to show it in a fun way and with a plot twist. The campaign generated a high degree of remembrance and managed to increase the demand in the above-mentioned food channels.

Its duration was 6 months; thereby halting the incursion of competition in historically Boing territories.


TV commercial

The commercial would talk about the necessary skills that every taquero in Mexico has; would show the joy and ingenuity so characteristic of the taqueros.

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